Note on Will you be there Lord?

From the Composer

This psalm lent itself to musical arrangement easily as the author used a typical song verse format. I heard a gospel choir in my mind. My favorite line “to an early morning meeting with the Grand Pooh-bah” is for all you Flintstones fans (remember the Royal Order of Water Buffalo?)

example 1: Will you be there beginning

-Peter Margen

From the Arranger

When Peter came to his first rehearsal with us, I asked him to take the two baritones to another room to go over this movement, thinking he’d work on it with them, and I’d get a recommendation later about whose voice fit the piece better. Instead, the three found a way for the two singers to share the solo, creating an element of dialog. I rather like what they came up with.

example 2: refrain with solo

The women of the choir act as a backup group for the solo line. At each successive statement of the chorus, their role expands, as they sing what they sang last time and add on something new, reinforcing the question “Will you be there?”

example 3: refrain with chorus

-Robert Train Adams


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