O God, sometimes I feel abandoned

The Psalm

O God, sometimes I feel abandoned,
As if you left the room without saying good-bye—
Not like a rat deserting a sinking ship,
But like air leaking from a balloon.

I feel my age, like I’m older but not wiser;
there’s a noise in my ears, a bit of tinnitus
that interferes with your still, small voice.

So I go through the motions of life,
acting like I’m in charge of my destiny,
like I know what I’m doing.

I’ve misplaced you, like my wife can’t find her glasses,
or both of us—taking turns—can’t find our keys.

But you are not glasses or keys,
even though with you I see more clearly,
and your spirit unlocks all sorts of doors.

And even though my ears get filled with the noise of living,
your quiet voice eventually cuts through the static;
my life becomes dynamic, as you enliven me.

Thank you, God, for letting me be me:
an always-growing human being,
striving to live more fully in and with you,
pumped up with the breath of your holy spirit,
certain of your grace and your presence.

Just as we always find the glasses and keys—eventually—
I turn around to find that you were always there.

Program Note


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