Note on O God of all Creation

From the Composer

This psalm opens St. Stephen’s Psalter. It speaks of the grandeur and graciousness of God and God’s creation. The challenge for me as a composer was to find music that would match the text. It needed to be bold, and to have an element of drama in it. The triplet figure offered a sense of expectation and left room for a simple, bold theme in the left hand of the piano, which becomes the opening statement of the psalm. Upon repeating, the chorus fills out the melody with simple, modal chords that have an element of rawness about them that matches the boldness I wanted.

example: O God of all creation

As the text shifts its mood (“As I walk through groves of oak”), the music moves from the minor mode of the beginning to a more major feel—but with chords that transcend our contemporary major scale.

example: As I walk through groves

I hope that the sense of freedom and love suggested by the text comes to you through the exuberance of the music.

-Robert Train Adams


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