Note on Make it Empty

From the Composer

To me, the psalm says “clear your mind and listen to the still small voice.” When I began working on the music, I actually envisioned a “death metal” large loud voice…shouting choir, but somehow I didn’t think that would work too well at St. Stephen’s.

Instead, the psalm became more of an African-feeling Randy Newman mash-up with some spoken words thrown in.

-Peter Margen

From the Arranger

I loved Peter’s adaptation of the text, and wanted to arrange the piece to include the choir. The repetition in the melody suggested the back-and-forth between men and women. Some choral background chords–first in long notes, later with more rhythmic life, interacting with the solo–during the verses supported the soloist.

example 2: choral chords in Make it Empty from St. Stephen's Psalter

-Robert Train Adams


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