Note on Father and Son

From the Composer

This psalm probably gave Peter and me the most trouble. While it spoke to us, as the psalmist worked out his relationship with his father, it was hard for us to find the music to support the words. It concluded with a wonderful prayer (“God, help me make the most of this time…”). Just as Peter found a phrase or a paragraph to serve as an antiphon (a repeating refrain), I immediately focused on the prayer and used it as the antiphon, assigning it to the choir, just the way we often sing psalms at St. Stephen’s. And Peter influenced me another way: I used guitar as the accompanying instrument, rather than my usual piano. Of course, Peter added his own touches to the guitar part…

example: antiphon from Father and Son from St. Stephen's Psalter

-Robert Train Adams

From the Arranger

This one was hard to put to music. It started out as a bossa nova and, well, quite frankly, Bob saved it from oblivion.

-Peter Margen


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