Listen to a New Psalm

As I’d promised in a couple of earlier posts, program notes are now available for each psalm. We’re still adding to the notes, but there’s some background information on each piece. In addition, audio files–really midi files–of the score of each movement have also been added to the program notes. They’re not as good as live music–or recordings of people performing–but they’ll give some idea of each piece. Of course, that means you should come to the concert, or get the recording which (ever hopeful) just might come out of the concert…

In the meantime, the sidebar to the right of this note lists all of the movements. The page titled St. Stephen’s Psalter gives a complete list of contents. From the page for each psalm you can click on the link at the bottom to get to the program note.

Alternatively, Psalter mp3s lists all 14 movements and their mp3 of the score. These will make the most sense for choir members with score in hand who are preparing for our concert.

Next up: some thoughts on writing music, and a conversation between Peter Margen and Robert Train Adams.

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